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Things to Buy ... Jukeboxes, Parts, Manuals, Records, etc

Victory Glass Co
Extensive line of reproduction parts, used parts, record sets, supplies, antique jukeboxes, new jukeboxes and the complete Line of AMR Service Manuals. Victory Glass Own's AMR. They have Online ordering and a catalog. I have purchased many items over the years, nice selection. Online ordering with charge cards or via mail or FAX.

Musical Fun For Everyone! - Original Jukebox Parts
Bill Butterfield's site where you can get a host of original parts, wallboxes and even jukeboxes. Has a small museum section showing some rare items from Bill's personal collection. I have purchased may items from Bill, plus he has been one of my biggest supporters in the research of jukeboxes and serial numbers.

Durfee Coin-Op Plant Parts
Carries an extensive line of original parts. Original Brochures are available.

Always Jukin'
The website of Always Jukin, a USA based jukebox periodical. You can subscribe, purchase record sets and various books such as reference manuals, price and identification guides, and AMR service manuals etc. Purchases can be made online with charge cards.

GameRoom Antiques
Over 500 items for sale with over 50 dealers. Offers help when buying or selling a coin machine. Restoration of coin-operated machines. Very good general information site on all types of gameroom items.

Green-Mountain Music (Records)
Green Mountain sells 45s with the Operator Title Strips. Thousands of Titles, 50s, Rock, Big Band, Christmas, Current Hits, all with Title Strips

Vern Tisdale's Schematics
Here you'll find the electric schematics for most Jukeboxes. Vern is a well known repairer of amplifiers etc and sells a complete line of tubes/capacitor kits, and other repair items.

Pennsylvania Gameroom Warehouse
Large selection of Jukeboxes, Pinballs, Arcade, Slots and Video Games for Sale

The Jukebox Man
A UK based site that sells Jukebox Parts, Records, Manuals,needles, etc. Online Ordering

Jukebox Shipping

Craters and Freighters (USA)
US based specialized shipper of antiques and other unique items with 56 locations. Advertize in jukebox publications.

Jukebox Information Sites (Like This Site)

Pinball Rebel
This site has lots of information and pictures of jukeboxes, pinballs, soda machines, soda ads and other game room collectibles. There is some items for sale and items wanted.

Jukebox World - Serial Number Database
German based website where you can register your jukebox serial number AND view all the others, by model, that have been submitted. I am very supportive of this effort since I tried this for almost 13 years. They also have classifieds and other information. Parts of site are in english, though much is in German

Danish Jukebox Archives
Info including biographies, history. Focus on books, songs related to using the term jukebox.

Jukebox Manufacturers Home Sites

AMI Entertainment
Home page of AMI Entertainment.

Rock-Ola Jukebox Homepage
Home page of Rock-Ola.

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