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If you are interested in finding out more about jukeboxes such as where to buy them, how to fix them, where to get parts, records, etc the following web page index should be a help. NONE of these are for sale by me ... but are available from Jukebox related vendors and periodicals. (See Internet Links on this site)

Jukebox Publications and Books describe and Books"rate" 10 periodicals and 21 books that are available for subscription and /or purchase.

Jukebox Periodicals
USA Based:
Always Jukin'; Jukebox Collector; Coin-Drop International; Game Room; Antique Amusement, Slot Machine & Jukebox Gazette
Non-USA Based: Jukebox News (UK); De Jukebox Fanaat (Netherlands); Jukebox FanZine (Belgium); Juke-Joint (Germany);The Jukin 50's (Germany)

Jukebox Reference Books

Identification Guides: The Jukebox Bluebook; The Ultimate Jukebox Guide; Always Jukin' Official Guide to Collectible Jukeboxes; Jukebox Heaven; AMR Guides: Rowe/AMI, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Other; Dr. Know It All Reference Guides for Wurlitzer, Seeburg and Rockola; The Complete Identification Guide to the Wurlitzer Jukebox
Jukebox History Books: Jukebox Saturday Night; Vintage Jukeboxes - The Hall of Fame
"Coffee-Table" Books: Jukebox Art; Jukebox - The Golden Age; The American Jukebox - The Classic Years
Other: The Jukebox and Me; Homer E. Capehart - A Senator's Life

Jukebox Reference Manuals: A total of 364 reference manuals that areService Manual in print (see Internet Links) are listed in tables, by manufacturer, to help you determine whether the reference manual you need is in print. The Listings are as follows:

  • AMI/Rowe Jukebox Reference Manuals (74 Listed)
  • Rock-Ola Jukebox Reference Manuals (97 Listed)
  • Seeburg Jukebox Reference Manuals (87 Listed)
  • Wurlitzer Jukebox Reference Manuals (55 Listed)
  • "Other" Manufacturer's Jukebox Reference Manuals (31 Listed)
  • Miscellaneous Reference Manuals (i.e. Remote Equipment, etc) UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  • Jukebox Related Internet Sites
    Several of these sites sell manuals, reproduction parts, needles, keys, records etc online.

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