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As most of The inComplete Jukebox site is geared towards data, it does not readily lend itself to focusing on specific subjects nor, due to concerns over speed, the inclusion of pictures. This area of the site, will include specific articles on various jukebox related subjects ... it will regularly be added to and updated as time permits.

1. Wurlitzer Mass Media Advertising (Goto)
This article deals with Wurlitzer’s Advertisements in publications geared towards the general public covering the period of 1940-1948. Has pictures of ads and a table listing all known major ads, the date of publication and the name of the publication
2. The Seeburg 3W- 1 Wallbox (Goto)
A tribute to the most produced item of jukebox related equipment, the J.P. Seeburg 3W1 wallbox. Includes pictures, dates and statistics.
3. Teeny Weeny Jukes (Goto)
The term "Teeny Weeny Jukes" is the author's ... these were also referred to as "novelty" jukeboxes or "toys" but rarely as the real thing. Covers the complete line of miniature coin operated jukeboxes produced by Ristaucrat, Williams, Chicago Coin, and the only true "toy" jukebox that remains collectible, the Bing Crosby Junior Juke. Pictures and stats.
4. Rock-Ola Folding Bars (Goto)
Yes, Rock-Ola, in 1939 marketed twelve different folding home bars. Complete color pictures of all models and specifications ... maybe you have
5. Tucker (The Man and his Dream) and the Mills Jukebox (Goto)
This is an interesting article about how a Mills Jukebox part became part of the Tucker automobile
6. Challenger '47 - 6 Months from Introduction to the End (Goto)
This chronicles the short life the '47 Challenger that was covered in Frank Adam's book on "Obscure, Mysterious and Innovative American Jukeboxes". The big difference is that this article introduces for the first time EVER, an actual photo (high resolution color) of the Challenger. It was unknown whether only one prototype was made so likely is the only image of the machine.
7. The Top Produced Jukeboxes (Goto)
Shows pictures and production figures for the top twelve jukebox in production terms ... each having a production of over 20,000 units. All data is from the authors own research of manufacturer production estimates based on serial numbers.

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