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A Jukebox is Only as fun as the records in it!

Popular Records from 1955-1986

Many of the Hits found in the three web pages that follow are still available on 45 RPM, so "Click" on one of the images to go to the lists. But first read on to find out how to find these records.

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Finding Records For Your Jukebox

The first thing most new jukebox owners do is stock their Jukebox with their favorite records. In many cases they have saved their old 45 RPM records from their childhood and place them into the machine. However, they usually are disappointed and quickly discover three things:

Most post-1940 jukeboxes played both sides of a record. For Example, a 100 selection jukebox only contained 50 records. If you use normal records, you will probably only have 50 decent songs, the remainder will be the "dog meat" ... which will never or rarely be played.

Should you get so far as owning your own jukebox, the solution is readily available, Their are sufficient jukebox enthusiasts around so that record sets of 45 RPM and 78 RPM Hits are reproduced. The price for a 25 Record, 50 Selection Set currently ranges between $60-$80, a little over $1 per song. These sets have a distinct advantage over using your own record collection:

These reproduction record sets can be found for sale in Jukebox Publications and on the Internet. In addition, many vendor's sell NEW individual records, complete with Title Strips. I know of one at least vendor with a listing of over 10,000 titles, which encompasses almost every hit you are likely to find on the following pages.

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