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As his site was no longer available online per August 2018, I decided to host a copy of this great site (last update: 2006) in order keep his work alive.

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Tomszone.comThe inComplete Jukebox

THE Home for Finding Jukebox Information

This site is the most extensive consolidated source for jukebox information anywhere. Specifications and production figures for over one thousand models of jukeboxes, remote speakers and wallboxes are included along with a listing of 1,200 top hit records for the jukebox, listings of jukebox related periodicals and books, jukebox manuals, plus much more. Major manufacturers such as Wurlitzer, Seeburg, Rockola, AMI / Rowe and 20 other manufacturers are featured. This is an "information only" site, to purchase items refer to the Internet Links page of this site to find vendors/suppliers.

The Automatic Coin Operated Phonograph (Jukebox) has been a part of American social scene since the 1930's, providing music and a visual reference to many generations. Unlike other music sources, the Jukebox provides three sensory triggers to nostalgic memories, making them a wonderful and practical collectible for your recreation room:

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Site Contents

This site covers everything you wanted to know about the real Jukeboxes but were afraid to ask. A convenient Web Site Navigator menu is on most pages along with plenty of hot links and navigation aids such as "go to top of page". Please visit all parts as there are thousands of lines of information, including:

1. Commonly Asked Questions and Answers for People New to the Subject

Why is it called a "jukebox"? Can I buy One? How Much Does a jukebox Cost? Approximation of how much your jukebox is worth, How About Fixing Them or Finding Parts? Where do I find the Records? ... Etc.

2. What Models Were Made and a Listing of Major Manufacturers

A Listing of 1,020 known Jukebox, Remote Selectors and Speaker Models by Manufacturer, including , Model, Description, Year of Manufacture, Types of Records Played and Number of Records and Selections. The dimensions and weight are provided for most, when known. This section covers all known Wurlitzer, AMI / Rowe, Seeburg and Rockola production. An "Other" manufacturer section covers 164 models of 20 different companies including Mills, Evans, Gabel, United, Packard, Aireon, Capehart among others.

Also includes a Listing of 54 jukebox manufacturers, their years of production, home country and comments ... including all known USA and European manufacturers.

3. How Many Jukeboxes Were Made

Includes an estimate of the production figures for the USA "Big Four" (Wurlitzer, Seeburg, Rock-Ola, AMI / Rowe) and Others, in summary and by year. The introduction page also includes a listing of the "most produced" jukebox models. Separate Web Pages have been made for Wurlitzer, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, AMI / Rowe and Others such as Aireon, Mills, Packard, etc. Each contain massive tables on serial numbers and estimates of production by model.

The Production Figures are based on Serial Number research. This data is shown, including the number of data points per model, the known high and low serial numbers and an estimate production based on that information. You will be SURPRISED that your machine may set a new range, and therefore be important in updating the known information.

4. How You Can Get Your Own Jukebox or More Information

All the contacts you will need to learn more, find a jukebox-parts-manuals or to just satisfy your curiosity including:

5. Feature Articles on Jukebox Related Subjects (Updated May 15, 2006)

This area of the site, will include specific articles with lots of photos, on various jukebox related subjects ... it will regularly be added to and updated as time permits. Initially, it covers Wurltizer's Mass Media Advertising, The Seeburg 3W1 , those Teeny Weeny Jukes, Rock-Ola's Line of Home Bars., The first and only image of the 1947 Challenger Jukebox, The Top 12 Jukeboxes (in terms of production) and Tucker (The Man and his Dream) and the Mills Jukebox

6. Hit Records to Stock

A listing of 1,200+ Top Hits from 1955 - 1986, sorted by year and peak chart position and includes Name, Artist. This section also discusses purchase in either 45 RPM or 78 RPM Format . Will help you find the right records to match you Jukebox or your Tastes. This area is just fun to browse through for a walk down memory lane.


Why Did I Make This Site?
Rock-n-Roll Henry © Angela Cater

I like jukeboxes and anything related to them and have spent the last 15+ years researching them, writing articles for Jukebox Periodicals and assisting authors of Jukebox books on establishing production figures for various models. I bought my first jukebox in 1972 but didn't become a hobbiest until 1980.

Researching the Production Figures has been my primary goal,. having spent many years, run many ads, and used other appeals to collect Jukebox Serial Numbers for this research. The Jukebox Production part of this site includes the results of this research. These production figures are the ONLY original source of the estimated production figures (even manufacturers "borrow" them for their websites. To date, well over 16,500 different serial numbers have been collected. This internet site has yielded an additional 5000 of these numbers to the project over the last 3 years. It is amazing how many folks in the world own a jukebox but are not connected with the hobby. I hope this site gets these individual owners into the hobby.

I have now stopped soliciting serial numbers from this site and taking Email as I have not had time to add to the sites content. For those concerned that they cannot ask a question, to be honest, 99% of the questions would have been answered if they actually looked at all the site contents. For the interim I plan the spend my time updating and adding content to this site. It has not been seriously updated since launched in 1999, yet it only represents about 5% of the information I have available. Hopefully I can start answering questions again, but I think this provides the most benefit to the most people. Regards Tom DeCillis

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